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It all began when a brilliant idea was conceived after the birth of her first son in 2010. “Diapering time was a hassle for me, and the baby items I needed to change my baby: wipes, diapers, baby ointment and changing pad—were always scattered in different places in the house when I needed them to be together for a quick diaper change. One day, on our way to our family vacation, I found I couldn’t readily access my packed huge diaper bag full of diapering items. I decided right then to draw up what my ideal diapering organizer should be—a portable organizer that could keep each diapering item in its own compartment and yet keep them together, while being easily accessible. After falling in love with the prototype and seeing how much time, energy and frustration it was saving me, I wanted to find an avenue to get the design to other moms and dads.”- Mavis Mbi

It is all about convenience, change baby without going in out of a room or a messy diaper bag to gather all the baby changing items. We hope the ChangePal helps you in your parenting journey. Save the diapering hassle and enjoy more time with your precious one. It makes a great gift too, and saves the new mom or dad in your life the hassle of lugging a huge disorganized diaper bag around.

Portion of our profit supports Compassion International, a non-profit organization that helps sponsor kids around the world in need of help.

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