As parents, first and foremost we want to keep our babies safe, but after that we want to be the best parents we can. Wellbeing is a concept that can be overlooked when it comes to looking after babies. Taking a holistic approach to caring for your baby will mean that you are automatically nurturing their wellbeing. But if you want to focus improving your baby’s wellbeing, here are a couple of ideas:

Physical Contact:

There’s a reason that most hospitals advocate for plenty of skin to skin contact when you’re baby is born – it’s because we need it. Both mother and baby need it for bonding, but it also helps regulate everything from blood sugar through to body temperature and heart and lung function. But once we get home and there’s no midwives to help us, and our partners go back to work, it becomes harder to find the time for skin to skin. If you can incorporate it into your daily routine, either through a ten minute kangaroo cuddle before the bath, or even a massage after the bath, it will improve your baby’s connection with you, and in turn help them feel secure and safe.

Schedule Some Quiet Time:

Navigating a brand new world is a tough business, and that’s what you’re baby is doing from the moment they are born. Arriving in to the big bright world from the warm dark floatation tank that is you, can present some challenges. Even just the act of being born is enough to unsettle some babies, so making sure that you both get some quiet time each day is essential. Those early weeks are busy; lots of visitors, lots of night time activity, and generally lots of work – for both of you. Be strict about down time. Lie on the couch or floor with your baby, or sit and cuddle them on the sofa, with no other intention apart from being quiet and alone together

Helping your baby feel calm, safe and secure will go a long way towards improving their overall wellbeing, and importantly, not only will these simple tips benefit your bub, they will benefit you too


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