Compact baby diaper travel bag

If you are looking for the best travel diaper changing pad, the ChangePal is the solution to your search. This convenient, all-in-one case makes diaper changing time for mom or dad so much easier! Used as an organizer inside a large diaper bag or as a mini baby/mom or baby/dad bag, ChangePal carries all of the essentials needed to perform a diaper change without the hassle of dragging a huge diaper bag around everywhere.

With this stylish, compact baby travel bag, your child will not have to wait long to feel comfortable again, as it makes diaper changes available anywhere, anytime, in any place.

Wonderful organizer for your diaper bag! Not only is it convenient to use when you are out of the house and need to grab and go, but it is also nice have around the house instead of taking a trip to the nursery. Very affordable for such a versatile product!

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What has been one challenge you've had to face as a mom/parent?

What has been one motherhood victory you've had this week?

We want to encourage you and applaud you! Do tell!!

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Today is Wednesday, right?! That means its #WCW !
This week's Woman Crush is the CEO of @changepal Mavis Mbi!!

First a quick hello and welcome to all of my new followers.

Hello and Welcome!! My name is Mavis Mbi, CEO of Baby Convenience and the mom inventor of @changepal. I created the ChangePal with a brilliant idea conceived after the birth of my first son in 2010. It has been my hope that ChangePal helps you in your parenting journey by saving you the hassle of diapering so you can enjoy more time with your precious one.

I can hardly believe that half of the year is already behind us. It has been quite an adventure thus far.

From dealing with an unprecedented worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, to the highlight on racial injustice and healthcare disparities amongst minority groups in America, to experiencing the power of love as people of all colors and races brave through streets all over America and other parts of the world to show support for Black Lives Matter protests. I dare not leave out homeschooling, social distancing, and attending more virtual events in the past few months than I can keep track of.

I can say that it has been a privilege connecting and engaging with you all even as we continue to first survive, attempt to thrive, and succeed at whatever level we find ourselves. The power of the human connection is ever so important, and I am grateful to all of you who continue to engage with @changepal.

My goal since the beginning of this year has been to step from behind my brand and become a part of this IG community of women supporting women, moms supporting mom, small businesses supporting each other, parents supporting each other and sharing tips, humans shining light on each other, getting in doses of laughter, sharing in the outcry of others when necessary and using this platform to share in our human experiences as we build ourselves, raise our kids, build businesses and just simply connect and engage.
Thank you all for supporting @changepal. Whether you made a purchase, engaged with us, shared the changepal with others, left a review or gifted ChangePals to your family and friends. Thank you!

#wcw #thankyou #grateful

Happy World Chocolate Day!!

Milk Chocolate … Dark Chocolate … Chocolate Milk... Oh My!

Have you introduced chocolate to your little one yet?

There’s a lot of information circulating about when to give littles chocolate, the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, advises to avoid giving little ones under two years old, food and drink with added sugars.

Then there’s the conversations about allergies, it’s not typical to be allergic to chocolate or cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate but don’t count that out entirely. In the end, the decision to give your little one chocolate or not is one you should discuss with your pediatrician.

Cultivating healthy eating habits with your littles from the time you introduce their first veggie to when they are able to eat with a spoon with little to no help, is what is important however you decide to do it.

Just make sure you have your Change Pal ready to handle whatever comes after that!

Check out for more tips on how to introduce foods to baby and click the link in bio to check out Change Pal's variety of styles!

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When Dad gets his own ChangePal...🤗🤗🤗.
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Take time today to thank God for our freedom and the continuous fight for equality for ALL.
30% OFF storewide this weekend only.
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