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Take your ChangePal with you for

Easy Baby Change Anywhere

3 Separate Compartments

Please note that there are currently two versions of our changepal bags. To purchase our wipes pouch version, click our "shop" tab. To purchase our NEW full pack version, please click our "crowdfunding" tab.

Created by a Mom to help Solve Messy Diaper Bags and Easy Grab and Go with Baby

If you are looking for the best travel diaper changing pad, the ChangePal is the solution to your search. This convenient, all-in-one case makes diaper changing time for mom or dad so much easier! Used as an organizer inside a large diaper bag or as a mini baby/mom or baby/dad bag, ChangePal carries all of the essentials needed to perform a diaper change without the hassle of dragging a huge diaper bag around everywhere!


Wonderful organizer for your diaper bag! Not only is it convenient to use when you are out of the house and need to grab and go, but it is also nice have around the house instead of taking a trip to the nursery. Very affordable for such a versatile product.

New Mom